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Real Estate Agency in Istanbul

Real Estate Agency in Istanbul

There are many real estate agencies in Istanbul, and each one of them has its own specificities, and projects. In Panorama Property, what makes us unique and among the best real estate agencies in Istanbul, is that we have an excellent team, well experienced in the real estate market, a legal team that is very efficient in the domain of legal affairs, and an after-sales team that knows how to listen to specific requests from different clients. Adding to that, the fact that our company has very close and transparent relationships with different construction companies, whether they are governmental, private or semi-private, our guidelines and targets remain unchanged no matter the client’s request or preferences. Make the customer satisfied, confident and happy.

The Real Estate Industry & Market

city of Istanbul

The real estate industry and the real estate market can be very complex and tricky sometimes, from all the paperwork that must be done, and the long endless purchase processes, one should head to a professional, and reliable agent in order to get all the necessary information, and to not waste a huge amount of money that can be saved, and even invested in a real estate property. 

This point is very important to us, in Panorama Property, and anyone interested might be wondering if going through a real estate agent will not cost him more, because of all the commissions that will be dispatched. In fact, it is the total opposite, with Panorama Property, we are managing the big contracts and dealing constantly with the best construction companies, therefore, we can get the best deals and best offers to our clients, since having direct contact with a construction company grant us the big advantage of having a special discount, and payment plans with long installments. That is why it will be more profitable and efficient to invest through a real estate agency.

Panorama Property and its Environment

Panorama Property

To describe briefly our company and our activity, we would say Panorama Property is a real estate agency located in Istanbul, specifically in Basin Express, the most lucrative profitable area in terms of investment. Also, Basin Express is known to be very close to the city center, since it is a metropolitan hub, it is an intersection for all metro lines and bus lines, and it connects the main highways of Istanbul, TEM and E5 highways. As well as its closeness to the New Istanbul Airport. 

With each passing day our portfolio grows bigger and bigger, we are covering projects throughout Istanbul, whether it can be Asian side or the European side. On the coastal side of both continents in the city, in the downtown, city center, or Basin Express, the most profitable area for investment as mentioned above. 

Real estate companies in Turkey, and Istanbul especially, are specialized in handling all the purchase processes, but with Panorama Property, our mission goes above and beyond that, our service starts from the first arrival of the customer to the Turkish territory, picking them up, proposing project tours and even city tours in the beautiful city of Istanbul. 

The Process of Investment

Adding to that, in the real estate sector, we accompany the customer throughout the purchase process from A to Z, our customer is welcome in our offices, and a meeting with our sales team, managers and legal team is scheduled in case our client is requesting it. Moreover, after the projects tour, we have another meeting with our client in order to discuss the available options and the most suitable investment plan. After the decision is made, we open purchase order by paying a reservation payment to the construction company, and begin with the necessary steps that should be taken afterwards which are the opening of the bank account, and transfer of the amount to the same construction company. 

After all the money is wired, and the payments received, the paperwork will start, and our legal team will handle all the necessary steps for those actions, which can be the preparation of the title deed, the application for a residency permit and/or Turkish citizenship, and as soon as all the paperwork is finalized, and documents received, our after-sales team contacts our client in order to give him/her all the papers received from the Turkish government. One of our characteristics and advantages is that, even after a property has been sold for years, and our former client wants to sell it back or rent it out, he/she can contact us, and we will gladly provide help and share it as an announcement as an apartment is on sale. 


Panorama Property will always be happy to count you among our clients, and we are looking forward to meeting with you, having a cup of Turkish tea in our offices, and helping you find the best apartment following your own expectations. 

Get the best offers and beautiful options among our portfolio rich in advantages, and profit from the best opportunity with one of the best real estate agencies in Istanbul. 


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Emlak Konut

املاك كونوت

Emlak Konut is a joint-stock construction company established in 1953 with the aim of creating environmentally-friendly residential cities for the comfort and security of citizens throughout Turkey and became known throughout the years as THE Real Estate Investment Fund in Turkey.

Emlak Konut Company

شركة املاك كونوت

Emlak Konut has established entire residential cities in Istanbul, such as the Basaksehir district in European Istanbul, which became called the new center of Istanbul, and the Ataşehir district in the Asian side of Istanbul, which became one of the finest and most organized areas after Emlak Konut established its buildings with a wonderful organization.

Emlak Konut Projects

Emlak Konut has so far supervised the construction of 23 mosques and 44 schools, 130 thousand housing projects, and many other projects in collaboration with other construction companies. 

In Turkey, foreign investors are usually afraid of fraud, setting up construction companies or declaring them bankrupt after they sell the property, part of it, or the entire project, and this happened with some investors who bought from unreliable construction companies, but for Emlak Konut, its partnership with one of the governmental institutions grants it a great competitive advantage and makes it very trustful, anyone who buys from Emlak Konut, buys an apartment with a government guarantee and in this way the investor gets out of the circle of fraud or fear of the company declaring bankruptcy and where his/her money is lost, making the client entering the process of courts that may take years to no avail.

Trust between the client and the construction company

الثقة بين العميل والشركة المنشأة

Emlak Konut Company supervises and audits the stages of construction, planning, and conformity of the materials used in construction to the required specifications and conditions, and then hands over the property to its owners at the agreed time according to the date stipulated in the contract. You can get an apartment or property from Emlak Konut by contacting us, we have many projects that Emlak Konut is implementing, such as:

Tual Bahçekent.


And many other projects

Because of the confidence gained by Emlak Konut, the company’s sales increased from 5 billion Turkish liras in 2014 to 17 billion Turkish liras in 2021, and the company’s assets amounted to 28 billion Turkish liras in early 2022.

Trust between the client and the real estate company

Mutual trust between the client and the real estate company, knowing that he is looking to deal with or invest is very important. Many real estate companies do not care about customer satisfaction as much as they are interested in getting money. As for us at Panorama Property, our specialized and expert real estate team in the real estate field in Turkey and abroad for years offers its services from the beginning of presenting the various projects and clarifying the features and disadvantages of each project and working with the client to reach the most appropriate and optimal property that achieves the client’s goal and then following up on legal matters with the company’s lawyer until the client obtains the real estate title deed, and our team also takes over the Panorama Property  after-sales team, by reselling or leasing the property if the client or investor desires, so our goal is for the client to reach his goal of investing or buying real estate in Turkey.

In this article, we talked about Emlak Konut, and we mentioned the number and most prominent projects that the company has worked on since its founding and to this day. We also talked about the buyer’s confidence in dealing with it, where this confidence came from, and its importance. For more information about Istanbul and Turkey, follow us for more articles.