About Us: 

An Investment country specialized in the real estate sector. It was founded to keep up with the investor’s turnout on the real estate market in Turkey. Panorama Property is the bridge and the road to get a profitable real estate investment. 

In Panorama Property, we put long years of experience in field work between your hands to make it easy for you to own a real estate, and help you get your dream apartment. 

Our goal is to deliver the right information in order to build a trust bridge with our clients, and this is what makes us so special. We keep up with our clients demands and make sure we satisfy their needs not to mention providing advice and so many services before and after sales. 

Our company has good relationships with lots of construction companies. We also managed to make many agreements as we are the only real estate company with partnerships and representatives in so many countries, one of our most important partners is (IMMO WORLD) company in Morocco. 

Your Journey with Panorama Property: 

As soon as you contact with our company, you will move around its various departments as if you are in a trip to reach your dreams apartment. You will be welcomed by our customer services department which has the best real estate consultants to give you the right advice and direct you to the right path so that you can choose what fits you. 

Then you will go on a field trip with our sales agents to see the project you choose first hand until the purchase process is complete. After that, the legal department will follow up with you in order to make sure nothing is wrong with the contracts and all the other legal procedures. 

Your last stop in this journey will be with the after-sale department as they will help you with the title deed and the tax number issuance. Plus, opening a bank account here in Turkey. Also, this department will follow up with the apartment delivery to make sure it matches the specifications written in the contract. Plus, helping with the water, gas and electric subscriptions. 

Our after-sale service also include: 

– Helping with buying furniture. 

– Running the real estate in case you would like to rent it out or resell it. 

To get the best real estate advice, don’t hesitate to contact our team on the social media platforms or the following phone numbers. 

We are more than happy to serve you.