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Basaksehir Medical City

  • One of the biggest hospitals in Europe and the world.
  • The largest anti-earthquake building in the world.
  • One of the Turkish president’s dreams (as he stated before).

The Integrated Medical City in Başakşehir is the biggest healthcare project in the Turkish history. Panorama Property will take you on a tour to know more about this project.

Cham and Sakora is the detailed name of the medical city. It means the hospital of cherry and pine hospital.

It is said that the name Sakura is the Japanese word for (the flowering cherry tree). This project is one of the most important projects between Turkey and Japan.

The Medical City was officially open in May 2020 and the Turkish president participated in this big event as it comes among the huge projects that the Turkish Government constructed recently.

Location Details:

The Medical City lies in the Başakşehir area in a strategic location on the highway that connects the Istanbul International Airport with the TEM highway. It is one of the closest places to Istanbul International Airport. Moreover, it is going to be near the new Istanbul Canal in the future and close to the third bridge (Sultan Yavuz Selim Bridge). The government also started developing a subway line between the Medical City and the Başakşehir Metro lines under the name of M11.

Huge Space:

The area of the project is very huge, with a total area of one million and 21 thousand square meters, divided into green spaces and gardens total of 171 thousand square meters, and 145 thousand square meters of rest cafes and seats for waiting and sitting. The actual area in which the buildings of the Medical City were established amounts to 789 thousand square meters.

Main Departments:

The Medical City Includes eight hospitals and departments divided into 10 buildings as follows:

  • Obstetrics and Gynecology Hospital
  • Children's Hospital Malignant
  • Oncology hospital
  • Neurology hospital
  • Heart Diseases Hospital
  • Orthopedic hospital
  • Psychiatric Hospital
  • Physical hospital and rehabilitation

These medical departments have been designed to accept the capacity of 2600 beds divide into:

  • Obstetrics and Gynecology Hospital: 395 beds.
  • Children's Hospital Malignant: 520 beds.
  • Oncology hospital: 367 beds.
  • Neurology hospital: 311 beds.
  • Heart Diseases Hospital: 327 beds.
  • Psychiatric Hospital: 128 beds.
  • Physical Therapy Hospital: 200 beds.
  • The Emergency Department: Consists of diagnostic clinics that provide service to more than 2000 patients per day.
  • The Medical City consists of clinic with different specialties can cover 9000 visitors per day.

It is noteworthy that the medical city in Başakşehir will provide up to 9,000 job opportunities for workers in the healthcare sector. Professor (Mamishoglu), Director of Istanbul City Health, stated that the Medical City will provide medical service to about 65,000 people per day, and the Turkish Health Director continued that the Başakşehir Medical City project is a joint project between the public and private sectors, but its staff, who will provide the service, will consist entirely of state doctors and workers in the Ministry of Health. Whereas the private sector, represented by the construction company, will provide external services called support services such as cleaning, security, secretarial services, and technical services. It is important to mention that all services will be free and not a single penny will be paid from the pocket of any citizen. He ended “The Medical City opening event will not result in closing any other medical facility, and the healthcare services will be provided in full function.

The world’s biggest anti-earthquake building:

The main building in the Medical City is one of the biggest anti-earthquake buildings in the world as it contains 2068 earthquake insulators that support the bases of the other buildings in the Medical City. Because if these insulators, it will be possible to conduct surgeries during earthquakes without any distractions. The steel used in this facility will reach 95K tons, which is 10 times more than the Eifel Tower in France.

Medical Equipment in the hospital:

Professor Bakir Tveko, the head of the neurosurgery department, said that the Medical City will provide the most important and modern medical equipment, such as:

  • High-level endoscopy, internal tendon neuromodulation device.
  • A modern microscope device for surgical operations.
  • Seven CT scanners.
  • Seven MRI devices.
  • Ultrasound devices with 24 echo devices.
  • The Department of Nuclear Medicine, which includes two pet_ct devices (four), and four computerized computer imaging devices.

Facilities Available in the Medical City:

  • Three helicopter landing spots.
  • A parking lot that can take 8000 cars.
  • Conference room and a public library.
  • Huge areas of aquatic and green zones.
  • This facility is fully secured by a big security team and more than 3044 CVV cameras.

Real Estate Tips from Panorama Property:

Of course, buying real estate near Europe’s biggest hospital is an important investment opportunity for many reasons, such as:

  1. Medical Tourism: The Medical City will provide services to people from all over the world, and it was built near one of the world’s biggest airports. All that will make it easier to reach so it will be the number one medical tourism center in Istanbul.
  2. Living near the Başakşehir Medical City means that you will be in the middle of the largest three projects the Turkish government has ever built or will build which are: Istanbul International Airport, The Medical City, and the Istanbul Canal that everyone is waiting patiently. Plus, you will live in one of Istanbul’s modern places and you will take the advantage of the modern transportation system from the metro to the E80 highway.


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