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Basin Express

It is known as the (nerve of Istanbul) because it has a lot of real estate projects, business centers, and international companies there. Panorama Property will take you on a tour to get to know this area better.

Strategic Location:

The Basin Express area lies in the middle of the European side of Istanbul and it is affiliated to the Municipality of Bağcılar. It is a road that connects the two most important highways in Istanbul: The E5 and the E80. It is also connected to the coast road that goes near Ataturk Airport. In addition, the Basin Express is very important because, as we mentioned before, it connects the E5 and the TEM highways together. It is known that the TEM road connects Turkey with Europe, and the E5 road contains the Metrobus line, which is the fastest transportation in Istanbul and it can take you from the European to the Asian side in one trip only. Moreover, the new metro line made the Basin Express a unique central point. It is referred that this area is one of the closest areas to the Istanbul International Airport as it is connected to the Başakşehir neighborhood and the Industrial city (Istoc) from the north.

Why Basin Express?

If we want to define the Basin Express then we will call it a unique connection point with many modern projects on both sides in addition to many international companies and international hotels that were also attracted by this area’s location, some these companies are:

  • Marriot International Hotels.
  • Holiday Inn International Hotels.
  • Divan International Hotels.
  • Sheraton International Hotels.
  • Rotana International Hotels.
  • The Turkish Bank.
  • Garanti Bank.
  • Halk Bank.
  • Ziraat Bank.
  • Google Company.
  • LC Waikiki Headquarters.

And many other hotels and companies have already opened and will open in the near future due to the wide development of that area.

Important investment points in the Basin Express center:

  • The Basin Express area has been Istanbul Municipality’s top priority for many years, and it has obtained many tax free-projects and licenses to build high towers.
  • The hotel license in many projects that are in that area allows the investor to rent his apartment on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis and get a huge return out of it.
  • Home office license in many projects in this area allows the owner of the real estate to open his own office in the very same apartment he buys and then starts his business.
  • The rental return in that area is really good is an available option in the Basin Express area.
  • Having many facilities, social services, and international companies in that area gave real estate a strong point and made it the main factor in raising the prices in that area.
  • The closest business center to the Istanbul International Airport, which happens to be Europe’s largest airport.

Social facilities and services available in the Basin Express:

Mall of Istanbul:

One of the biggest shopping malls in Turkey, now only in Istanbul. A lot of Turkish and international goods and trademarks are available there. Mall of Istanbul is 156000 square meters and it has more than 350 stores. It also includes entertainment zones for kids and adults, not to mention the spacious food court in this shopping center.

There are many residential places near the mall in Istanbul due to its importance and reputation. One of the shopping malls in that area is 212 and Arena Park.

The Basin Express area also contains many hospitals and healthcare centers whether in Bağcılar or Başakşehir. In addition, many universities, state, private and international schools lie in the same area.

We, in Panorama Property, hope you like this article. For more information and inquiries, don’t hesitate to contact us on this number: +905383248772.

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