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Best Hospitals in Istanbul

We choose the best hospitals in Turkey from a list including over 300 hospitals for this topic. It is difficult to say which is the best hospital in Turkey based on world-class doctors, healthcare equipment, hospitality, and services and goods, such as brand recognition.

Nevertheless, we have provided with you the pricing categories, customer satisfaction, and treatment options according to actual experiences in the indications below the photographs to aid you in your hospital selections.

Throughout time, Turkey has gained international recognition as a treatment hub where patients may receive world-class care at a reasonable cost. Hospitals everywhere across the country are equipped with prepared experts, medicinal personnel, and structure, to allow the patient to get healthy and fine with the most perfect treatment.

Currently, there are various Turkish doctor's facilities that are accredited by the National Accreditation Board for Hospitals and Healthcare (NABH) and the Joint Commission International (JCI). The following are the top hospitals in Turkey:

  • American Hospital:

American Hospital

The American Hospital is outfitted with cutting-edge technologies for radiographic studies. It is one of the top hospitals in Turkey, with 128 security cameras, 24 lifts, 3 escalators, and a restaurant in the hospital parking lot to assure patient wellbeing. The patient is placed in a room in a hotel nearby the hospital. These hotels work with the hospital. The hotel's services also include Istanbul tour trips. The hospital has 262 rooms with preventative technologies such as computer systems, comfy mattresses, furnishings, a TV, and a refrigerator.

The American hospital offers care in accordance with North American standards, and the hospital's doctors participate in an internship abroad once a year, exchanging insights with professionals from the United States and Europe. American hospital thorough oncology department, an expert in cancer research in Turkey, equipped with the most experienced physicians and nurses, also resulting from medical at the Oncology Initiative, which is growing in tandem with world standards and is developing on a daily basis. The program's specialists have a combined expertise of 10-15 years.

The hospital's clinical departments include The Diagnostic Center and Diabetes Unit, Obstetricians and Gynecology Department, Cardiovascular Surgery Department, Oncology Department, Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery Department, and Heart Surgery Department.

The laser corrective eyewear surgery section of the Department of Ophthalmology at the American Hospital in Istanbul is regarded as one of the best in Turkey. Patients of all ages can benefit from vision correction services provided by experts. 

The laser surgery branch for eyesight repair uses an organic light emitting laser that has done over 6 million clear and effective worldwide, and this technique is conducted taking into account the specific data of each patient and employing a 3-linear thermal monitoring system.

  • Memorial Şişli Hospital:

Memorial Bahçelievler Hospital

Memorial Şişli Hospital emerged on the European side of Istanbul with the assistance of ECRI, the most well-known consulting business in the US hospital industry, and became a successful health-care facility in Turkey. Two years after its founding, Memorial Şişli Hospital acquired its Accreditation Certificate. Furthermore, Memorial Şişli Hospital became one of the top hospitals in Turkey and the 21st hospital in the world to be eligible for this accreditation, which represents the certification of world-class quality healthcare.

Memorial Şişli Hospital offers support in a 53.000 m2 closed area and has a potential of 252 patients. Memorial Şişli Hospital has 13 surgeries rooms, 4 intensive care units (KVC, general, coronary, newborn), 3 laboratories, and Organ Transplantation Center, an IVF Center, a Genetics Center, a Stroke Center, a Breast Health and Diseases Center, an Oncology Center, a da Vinci Robotic Surgery Center, and a Bone Marrow Transplant Center.

Memorial Şişli Hospital is a designated international referral facility, that accepts patients from 92 countries. The Memorial Health Group's technical infrastructure comprises equipment outfitted with modern technology equipment that meets international standards and is specifically developed for quality care. Many of these technologies are being employed in our hospitals for the first time in Turkey, and it is hoped that by utilizing sophisticated technology, patients will be able to complete their testing and therapy procedures in a comfortable and safe manner.

In medical specialties such as ophthalmology, reproductive medicine, cosmetic surgery, heart surgery, transplant-ology, and genetics, the hospital has got global recognition.

Furthermore, Memorial Şişli Hospital collaborates with a variety of institutions, including banks, funds, and other institution payment agreements, associations and chambers, academic facilities, public health insurers, private companies and institutions, government entities, organized labor, complementary health insurance, and foreign institutions. Patients at the hospital are accommodated in single or double rooms that are expressly constructed for patients and have all of the required amenities. Standard patient rooms have an independently convertible bed, a nightstand, a closet, a landline, and a television.

  • Acıbadem Taksim Hospital:

Acıbadem Taksim Hospital

With a 24,000 sqm JCI-accredited facility, the Acıbadem Taksim is among Turkey's greatest hospitals. Acıbadem Healthcare Group's 18th hospital was founded in October 2015. Furthermore, to CPR, surgical, and orthopaedical treatment facilities in the Emergency Service, Acıbadem Taksim Hospital, which has independent paramedic and patient admissions, provides a monitoring area for patients. Moreover, services continue to be supplied in the department's clinical areas for the departments where patients should be seen regularly in the emergency unit.

Medical Surgical, Esthetic, Plastic, and Reconstructive Surgery, Gynecology, Brain and Nerve Surgery, Orthopedics and Traumatology, Ophthalmology, ENT, and Urology are the medical departments at Acıbadem Taksim Hospital.

As previously said, Acıbadem Taksim Hospital is one of the strongest since it is a mother-Friendly Hospital Nominee. The reason for this is that the hospital, which operates in compliance with Ministry of Health norms, offers prenatal treatment, maternity care, and consultation. The hospital's facilities are classified as regular rooms or type A suites. Ordinary rooms are intended to be large and to meet all of the essential needs of patients and their families. Standard rooms offer television, internet access, a personal safe, and newspaper delivery.

Furthermore, typical rooms provide a single seat for patient relations. There are also metal holders and emergency ropes in the toilets and bathrooms in the rooms. The A-type suite is another form of hospital accommodation that has been intended to provide patients and their families with a sense of home. Type A Suite suites, unlike normal rooms, include a separate room for a patient family. The number of A Type Suite rooms is restricted to three, and all hygiene standards are painstakingly satisfied, as well as seats for patient families. A nursing call device is located towards the bottom of the patient bed. The hospital has a parking lot, an ATM, a restaurant, a hairstylist, and a place of worship. 

  • Koç University Hospital:

Koç University Hospital

The administration of Koç University Hospital, widely acknowledged as the hub of technology, is continuously checking compliance with international standards. It is one of the major academic medical centers and is run by a university, which is a prestigious medical school with a promising academic future. The discovery and refinement of therapeutic strategies for cancer, hematological disorders, cardiovascular diseases, neurosurgery, and other pathologies are important to Koç University Hospital. Furthermore, specialists at the institution focus on pediatric hematology, particularly stem cells donation and chemotherapy.

Koç University Hospital professionals in each case a unique interdisciplinary strategy to executing such techniques, resulting in the thorough implementation of numerous healthcare centers in Turkey throughout the years, both in Europe and in the United States. The hospital has cutting-edge technology for clinical diagnosis and treatment. The hospital's radiography branch is outfitted with material removal technology to ensure an accurate diagnosis.

Advanced improvements are implemented in the Oncology, Cardiac Surgery, Onco-Hematology, Gynecology, Neurology, Radiology, and Nuclear Medicine Departments in collaboration with experts from Europe and the United States, as clinical features of Koç University Hospital, as well as the exchange of knowledge with the clinic's doctors, experts from the best clinics in Europe and the United States. Furthermore, surgeons travel overseas for internships and specialized certification programs.

It is one of Turkey's leading scientific hospitals, conducting efficient renal, liver, and pancreas transplants. As an example, 3,000 kidney transplants have been performed, 400 of which have been performed on kids. The achievement is 99.8 percent; 3000 liver transplants, 300 of which are youngsters, have a 90 percent success rate. Throughout surgeries, equipment that provides sensory and motor stimulation, as well as functional monitoring, are employed in the surgical units at Koç Clinic.

  • Memorial Bahçelievler Hospital:

Memorial Bahçelievler Hospital

Memorial Bahçelievler Hospital, as one of the world's largest full medical facilities, provides responsible and high-quality medical services that meet international standards. The project targeted new designs that would improve patient satisfaction, and the hospital was built consequently. Factors that would aid in the patient's rehabilitation are classified under the headings of designs, structure, and administration. Forums were organized with the participation of healthcare experts, architects, and hospital management for this project, and patient assessments from medical centers were utilized to generate structural options.

Memorial Bahçelievler, the 11th hospital of the Memorial Health Group, has a land area of 72.000 square meters and an area of 8.000 square meters dedicated to green areas. Furthermore, the hospital features modern diagnostic and therapeutic units, 320 beds, 15 surgical centers, one of which is multifunctional, 49 critical care beds, 135 polyclinics, and 31 observation rooms. Memorial Bahçelievler Hospital is furnished with advanced tech and has achieved national and international achievement, thanks to its academic staff having expertise in specific sections, qualified doctors, expertise and cognizant support, and all medical practitioners, who provide services to patients and their relatives in a friendly environment.

Internet connection is also offered. Family members can remain with the patient in the patient's room or in a hotel of their choosing. The hospital's administrators will assist the patient's family in this respect. The hospital's dishes and meals are tasty and healthy three times a day for patients and their families. You should notify the healthcare providers about your eating preferences before to therapy.

  • Medical Park Bahçelievler:

Medical Park Hospital is operating in Bahçelievler area of Istanbul since 2007 and retains its activities as a university hospital since it is in conjunction with Altınbaş University. With its qualified medical team, modern healthcare technology, privileged service understanding for every patient-oriented patient, and improved diagnostic and therapy procedures the wellbeing of patients and their families is a top focus at Altınbaş University Hospital Medical Park Bahçelievler. There are rooms at the hospital that are tailored to meet specific demands and give the elegance of a 5-star hotel. Furthermore, hospital services include Internet access, a parking lot, an ATM, a place of prayer, and a café and restaurant.

Medical Park Bahçelievler is one of the best hospitals in Turkey, with a projective tower, 242 beds, 89 polyclinic rooms and 10 operating theaters, 24 newborn incubators, and 6 pediatric intensive care beds, as well as the Joint Commission International (JCI) Accreditation Certificate, which represents international quality standards in health. 

  • Istinye University Hospital:

Istinye University Hospital

Istinye University Hospital has been launched in December 2016, with a mission of quality in health care, combining Liv Hospital's patient-centered method, professional personnel, and sophisticated technology facilities with Istinye University's academic approach. 

The hospital acknowledges patients and provides all sections, as well as the Organ Transplantation Center, Vascular Health Center, Spine Health Center, Pain Center, Stroke Center, Speech and Language Therapy Polyclinic, Sleep Disorders Center, Psycho-Diet Polyclinic, Hair Transplantation Center, Medical Aesthetics Department of Medical Oncology / Oncology Surgery, Obesity Surgery, Hand Surgery, IVF Center, Palliative Care Center, interventional radiology and advanced interventional radio.

It is among the best hospitals in Turkey, with 21 stories and a smart infrastructure technology that allows any issue in the facility to be addressed promptly. In fact, the hospital has 30 monitoring cells that may be converted into intensive care units in the event of an emergency, and specialty physicians care for patients in the hospital's emergency department.


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