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Turkish Citizenship

Turkish Citizenship Importance and the Features of the Turkish Passport:

1. What is the importance of the Turkish Passport? And how strong is it?

2. How to obtain Turkish Citizenship and get a Turkish passport through real estate investment?

These questions, and many more about the strength of the Turkish Passport, are always asked by Panorama Property’s real estate advisors, that is why we will answer them all in this detailed article that will discuss the importance of Turkish Citizenship and the perfect way to acquire it.

Firstly: Why did Turkish Citizenship become a dream for those who want to live a better life and get a better future?

- Laws and facilities provided by the Turkish government (Secure investment and obtaining Citizenship).

Foreign investors started to invest in real estate in Turkey after the Turkish government had stated a law that gives foreigners the right to acquire Turkish Citizenship after they buy 250K USD worth of real estate in Turkey provided they do not resell it during the next three years. This law means that you, as an investor, spend money on real estate that you can resell after three years with a higher price (sometimes double price) in a country that is witnessing an enormous development in real estate. This way, you will have won Turkish Citizenship and doubled your money after reselling the real estate you had bought.

- Turkey is (God’s Heaven on Earth).

Of course, it is. Those who are living in Turkey feel that they are living in a mixture of cultures: the Islamic Ottoman Empire, the Arab Culture, and the European culture with its cities and green views which made it one of the world’s most important touristic cities.

- Stability:

Turkey itself represents a stable atmosphere in many fields, such as politics and security. This kind of atmosphere is not available in many Arab and Middle East countries, which made a lot of people from many countries move to live in Turkey seeking a better future, getting the advantage of the free developed education and medicine, and the cheap living expenses compared to the European countries.

- Economic Growth:

No one can deny the huge development Turkey has witnessed in the last twenty years in the industry and economic sectors. It has become one of the strongest twenty countries economically and it is said that it is going to be among the top five in 2023. All that has not come from anything. It was the result of the hard work the Turkish government has done. It opened thousands of industrial cities and its goods reached all the markets around the world, the Turkish products have become a brand that competes with Chinese products, which are considered to be a huge exporting country. As for agriculture, Turkey is number one when it comes to the export of many products like hazelnut, tea, and fruits.

- Huge Projects:

Turkey managed to build the biggest economic projects not only locally, but also internationally, such as Istanbul International Airport, Başakşehir Medical City, and many more. So we can say that Turkey, according to all the studies and reports, is going through a bright future of development that will be a result of those huge projects.

- Military Power:

Turkey is the main member of NATO (North Atlantic Treaty Organization) and it has a military value and strength that no one in the world can ignore. Plus, Turkey has achieved a noticeable development in the military industry as it produces the best types of military equipment and weapons in the world.

Secondly: What is the importance of the Turkish Passport?

- The value and importance of the Turkish citizens for their government.

“Any Turkish citizen is in the world is under Turkey’s protection wherever he is”. This was exactly what the Turkish Secretary stated after freeing three Turkish sailors who were kidnapped by some pirates in Africa. This means that Turkey cares about its citizens and gives them high importance and priority even when they are abroad. It is the same importance that Canada and Switzerland give to their citizens.

- European Union countries and America:

America enables the Investors who have acquired Turkish Citizenship to get the Investor’s residency permit for 2 years and it can be renewed periodically. As for the European countries, Turkey has many agreements with the EU that facilitate Turkish citizens ’ going to Europe.

- Political Factor:

You can find all the country's embassies in Turkey, and all of them want to get closer to it because of Turkey’s strategic importance and the impact it has on many countries in Asia and Africa. The Turkish passport holder can enter 111 countries easily, 77 of which do not require a visa to enter, such as Kuwait, Brazil, Argentina, Chile, Colombia, Qatar, Morocco Japan, and South Korea. The rest of the countries have easy procedures such as an e-visa or a visa after landing.

Thirdly: How to Acquire Turkish Citizenship by buying real estate in Turkey?

We have explained how to obtain Turkish Citizenship by buying real estate in Turkey in a previous article. It is summed up as follows:

- In 2018, the Turkish government has issued a decree that gives the right for foreign investors to acquire Turkish Citizenship after they buy 250K USD worth of real estate.

- Once the requirements are matched, the investor starts doing the procedures required to obtain Turkish Citizenship. After he gets it, his/her spouse and the children less than 18 years can also get it.

- The investor who acquires Turkish Citizenship buy real estate investment has the same rights as an ordinary Turkish citizen, such as: (voting, free education, and free medical treatment). Plus, he/she does not have to give his original Citizenship up as it is allowed to have dual Citizenship.

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We, in Panorama Property, hope you find all the answers you’re looking for regarding Turkish Citizenship in our article. We are also pleased to give you the most exclusive investment offers in Turkey.


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