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باشاك شهير اسطنبول

We cannot talk about the most important areas that made the renaissance of Istanbul without mentioning the Basaksehir neighborhood, that neighborhood that includes the largest government projects and the most luxurious residential apartments. 

In this article, Panorama Authority will inform you about: 

  • Basaksehir site. 
  • The most important projects established in Basaksehir and their strategic importance. 
  • The future of investment in Basaksehir. 

Strategic location and transportation lines: 

The word Basaksehir means in the Arabic language the city of Sanabel al-Qamh, and it is a modern municipality that was separated from the municipalities of Küçükçekmece, Esenler, and Büyükçekmece in 2008 as a result of the construction boom that it witnessed, and this neighborhood extends between Arnavutkoy from the north, Eyup Sultan from the northeast, Asenler from the east, and in the south, Bagcilar district, which includes the Basin Express, the most prominent investment hub in Istanbul, which connects directly with Basaksehir. 

As for the transportation lines, Basaksehir is a major transportation node, as it has the most recent metro lines that connect it to the regions of Istanbul center such as (Besiktas and Mecidiyekoy). Europe and the two are the medical city of Basaksehir and between Istanbul’s new airport. 

The highway that extends from Istanbul’s new airport to the Asian section to Sabiha airport, and from the southern side of the Basaksehir district there is the E80 line, which is a road connecting Turkey to Europe and one of the most important roads in Turkey, and it is also indicated that the municipality of Basaksehir has announced that it will start building Tromay line This line, at a cost of 450 million Turkish liras, will reach all parts of the region. 

As for the internal transport buses, it has several lines that connect the region with the regions (Yeni Bosna, Zeytinburnu, Bakirkoy, down to Taksim). These lines and transportation have made Basaksehir the most distinguished area in Istanbul in terms of transportation. 

The Basaksehir district is 25 km from the Taksim area, and 17 km from Fatih. 

Huge parks and the most important places in Basaksehir: 

As we mentioned earlier, the municipality of Basaksehir was recently established, and this is what allowed engineers and architectural designers the freedom to create and create the most beautiful gardens and squares that are comparable to their splendor in areas in the most important European cities, including: 

– Green Valley and Water Valley: The municipality of Basaksehir is bordered in the northern region by a wide range of springs and green forests, and the municipality of Basaksehir was able to take advantage of the springs of those forests and created an artificial lake (Basaksehir Lake) with an area of 26 thousand square kilometers surrounded by gardens and large green spaces that reach For 300 thousand square meters, it also includes one of the largest natural valleys in the region of Sazlidara, which includes a natural and archaeological park at the same time, and the region also includes another valley called Water Valley, located in the Fifth District (The Fifth Attab) of Basaksehir, and extends over An area of 45,723 square meters, and it contains 26,000 square meters of pedestrian roads, in addition to the place containing a large number of vital facilities, such as: shopping centers, sports, restaurants, cafes, and many other facilities. 

– Olympiad area and stadium: There is in Basaksehir one of the largest sports cities in Turkey, the Olympic Stadium, which was established when Turkey hosted one of the championships. 

– Kent Square: This square is located in the center of Basaksehir, and the Turkish president recently inaugurated it, and it is considered the largest square in Turkey at all, with an area of 600 thousand square meters, and many malls and commercial centers have been established in its vicinity, as it has parking spaces for nine thousand cars. It also has a metro station, so apartments near Kent Square have witnessed a significant increase in prices. 

Hospitals and clinics in Basaksehir: 

Basaksehir has the largest hospital in Europe, called Basaksehir Medical City, with an area of one million square meters, consisting of eight buildings, each of which includes an integrated specialized hospital in the following departments: (Children’s Hospital, Gynecology and Obstetrics Hospital, Oncology Hospital, Neurology Hospital, Orthopedic Hospital, Cardiology Hospital, Psychiatric Hospital, Physical Therapy and Rehabilitation Hospital), the medical city has a capacity of 2,682 beds. 

While the main building of the Medical City will be one of the largest earthquake-resistant buildings in the world, because it contains 2068 seismic isolators that support the foundations of all buildings of this medical city, and thanks to these insulators, it will be possible to conduct surgeries during earthquakes without any embarrassment, and the amount will reach The iron used in building this facility is 95 thousand tons of iron, and this number is ten times the weight of the Eiffel Tower in France, and in the Basaksehir district there are also a government hospital and many private hospitals, and the number of clinics and medical centers reaches 24 centers. 

Education in Basaksehir: 

The quiet residential nature of Basaksehir has made it a center for many schools and universities, and the most important of these universities are Bahcesehir University, Basaksehir University, and Ibn Khaldun University. As for the schools, they are many and varied, between governmental and private, and some of them offer the curriculum in several languages: Arabic, English, and Turkish, among which are the Al-Afaq Model School and Al-Ma’arif international School. 

Advantages of owning and investing in Basaksehir: 

  • It is one of the closest areas to Istanbul’s new airport, and in it there will be a metro station connecting between the medical city of Basaksehir and the new airport, in addition to the highway that connects between Basaksehir and the new airport directly. 
  • The passage of the Istanbul Canal project with its construction adjacent to the Basaksehir district, this project will be a quantum leap in the world of real estate investment with its investment opportunities. 
  • The residential complexes located in the Basaksehir district provide various options and spaces at medium and acceptable prices, in addition to the abundant rental income and profit as a result of the mega projects and recreational facilities in the Basaksehir district. 

Panorama Authority advises investing in the famous Basaksehir area for its abundant investment opportunities, and its promising future, not to mention the abundant parks that give comfort and tranquility to every dreamer of a quiet stay. 

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