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Belgrade Forests

belgrade forest

Since we put the foundation stone for Panorama Property, we chose this name to be a compass to whoever dreams about visiting or living in Turkey, which is called (Heaven on Earth) by lots of people.

Panorama property is your eye to see the most important investment and touristic places, in addition to the most important economic updates in a country that is developing every single day. In this article, we will take you for a tour of Istanbul’s lung, the magical Belgrade Forests.

Geographic Location:

Belgrade Forests lie on the European side of Istanbul with a total space of 500,00 acres. It is the biggest forest on the European side of Istanbul. It is affiliated with the Saryir area, which is very important in terms of investment, as well as it centers Zekeryakoy and Kilyus areas on the Black Sea.

The location itself is considered extremely central as it is close to the Bosphorus and the Black Sea. In addition, it is only 20 km away from the city center, and 36 minutes away from the Istanbul International Airport. Although this forest is grand in nature, it is considered a part of the European part of Istanbul, this is why we find many projects that have direct views on it, especially the ones in Saryir and the luxurious villas in Zekeryakoy.

Belgrade Forests and the Botanical Diversity:

Belgrade Forests is described as a nature reserve because it has a variety of trees of all kinds, in addition to the botanical and animal diversity, not to mention that is it one of the most important water sources in Istanbul as it contains seven lakes. Some dams from the Ottoman times still exist now. Those dams are used to gather water together.

Touristic Importance:

Most of the people who visited Istanbul must know the famous Belgrade Forests as it is close to the city center and it’s being accessible through the (M2) metro line. A lot of people visit Belgrade Forests in the summertime as there are a lot of camping spots, barbeque parties, and many kinds of sports that can be done, such as horse riding, quad biking, cycling, and jogging. Moreover, visitors can explore numerous kinds of rare plants and animals with the chance of seeing squirrels and some other animals. As for the winter, you can enjoy the rain and the snow in the middle of thousands of trees.

Tips from Panorama Property Regarding Investment and Tourism in Belgrade Forests:

  • Firstly: As we have mentioned before, the strategic location of Belgrade Forests is very important as it is really close to the center of Istanbul. It is very close to tourist places as well as some important investment areas such as the Bosphorus and the Istanbul International Airport. This is a very essential point that anyone who is willing to invest in Turkey should keep in mind, especially when it comes to Belgrade Forests. So we can say that the projects in that area are considered special for two main reasons: the first is the location, and the second is the magical view and the fresh air.
  • Secondly: The distance between Taksim and Belgrade Forests is only 21 km, so anyone who wants to visit that nature reserve, can simply use the (M2) metro line then use another bus to get to Bahçekoy station. People can also go there by car as the municipality provides parking spots for vehicles inside the forest.