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Best Places to Live in Turkey

Best Places to Live in Turkey

Turkey is a great attraction for visitors and expatriates who are seeking a relaxing holiday or a holiday home to stay in. It is a one-of-a-kind nation with surrounded by seas, the Marmara Sea, Black Sea, Mediterranean Sea, and the Aegean Sea, around it and wonderful natural coastlines. The country has many attractions, such as fresh cuisine of all types, a variety of climates, and deep heritage. Turkey is a diversified country with various cultural diversity that coexist peacefully. These characteristics are the primary reasons why Turkey is a preferred destination for foreign visitors.

Turkey is also known to be a big country, with large lands and countryside. Several cities, each one having a unique climate and different mentality, with different kinds of people with their own mentality and lifestyle. In Panorama Property, we will recommend our beloved customers the best cities to live in in Turkey, where they can live peacefully and invest safely. 

Best Cities to Live in Turkey:


  • Istanbul


The first one to be mentioned, for sure, will be Istanbul. The biggest city in Turkey, and among the biggest ones in the world. Istanbul has almost 18 million habitants, 39 districts, each one with its own municipality, with its own mayor, and its own services. 

Istanbul is famous because it is the only city in the whole world that covers 2 continents (Asia and Europe) separated by the Bosphorus canal, where the coastlines provide a pleasing blend of splendor and humble charm.


The city is one of the most historical and oldest in the world. Istanbul was the capital of three major civilizations for over 1500 years: the Roman, Byzantine, and Ottoman Empires. It was the heart of Islam for almost four centuries. It possesses the most stunning historical and religious buildings and is extremely rich in cultural treasures. Istanbul is a city where churches, synagogues, and mosques coexist, demonstrating religious tolerance. Istanbul is a perfect blend of modernism and heritage. It is Turkey’s most urbanized town while also being an old city with monuments and structures evoking its glorious history.


It has a beautiful history, the beautiful Marmara Sea and the Bosporus, exquisite variety, and educational and leisure amenities to suit all interests. It is an ideal location for families, with higher education institutions for youngsters. It offers a plethora of historical and cultural characteristics, as well as contemporary and all-inclusive residential districts. In Istanbul, you can live in an urban area with a breath-taking view of nature.

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  • Ankara


Since Mustafa Kemal Ataturk declared Turkey’s independence in 1923, he settled Ankara as its capital. It is the second most populated city in Turkey and an essential economic and industrial center. Unusually, for a city of its size, Ankara has an extremely low crime rate when compared to other European cities. Many cultures and civilizations have called this city, originally known as Angora, home. Ankara is a city of diversity with a rich cultural and historical heritage. The city is also recognized for its distinctive cat varieties known as “Turkish Angora,” as well as the Angora Goat, which produces high-quality and valuable fiber known as “Mohair.” This city is the country’s core and a varied metropolis where many cultures have blended. Ankara’s Citadel is one of the most magnificent sights in Ankara. It has also served as the city’s emblem since 2 B.C. 


  • Antalya

Antalya is among the most beautiful cities in Turkey, and personally one of the most beautiful on the Mediterranean coast. It is the most well-known tourist destination, is a lovely place to settle in. It is situated between the gorgeous Mediterranean Sea and the spectacular Taurus Mountains. It boasts many natural wonders and a high standard of living. It features a bright and hot temperature, as well as various healthy food options in weekly markets, as well as a pollution free atmosphere. Antalya’s well-functioning services allow you to live peacefully as a family.


Antalya is a Turkish tourist city known as the Turquoise Coast because of its turquoise seas. This lovely town is bordered by hills and mountains teeming with old ruins, breathtaking cascades, and nature trails. Antalya is every explorer’s fantasy city. The Konyaalt beach, which is approximately seven kilometers long and located directly in front of the Taurus Mountains, is one of the most beautiful spots in Antalya. The Antalya Aquarium, which features the world’s largest tube and a variety of marine species, is also close to this beach. It is not only a naturally beautiful city, but it also has numerous ancient monuments and is well-known for its old galleries.


  • Alanya


Alanya is a modern and densely populated area of Antalya. Foreigners tend to favor it as a place to live. It features gorgeous scenery and efficient services. Being in Alanya alongside your family offers numerous advantages, including everyday travels to beautiful destinations around the district, a diverse climate, and a safe and clean environment, not to forget many beautiful beach days at beautiful coastlines.


  • Izmir


Izmir once called Smyma, has an 8500-year history. It is Turkey’s third most populated city and the Aegean Sea’s second-biggest metropolitan area. It is the bordering city because it is not just among the most attractive and fertile areas in Turkey, but it is among the highest-ranked cities in the country. The city is one of Turkey’s fourth-largest. An old and antique city has evolved into a contemporary, industrialized, and economically and socially vibrant city. Since ancient times, the town was a major port in the Aegean area, and it is today the country’s second-biggest port. 

It is an old city that functions as an open-air museum. It is a city known for its olives, grapes, and figs. This city is well endowed with natural resources.


  • Bodrum

مدينة بودروم

Bodrum is ideal for those who appreciate high-quality living conditions. It is an area with marinas, stunning views of the Aegean Sea, and contemporary homes. Bodrum is a white-blue area with a peaceful, healthy, and safe atmosphere. It has several cultural, historical, and entertainment opportunities.