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Beylikdüzü is one of the most famous modern neighbourhoods on the European side of Istanbul and it is the main destination for whoever wants to invest in Turkey for many reasons that we will talk about in this essay. Let’s take a tour with Panorama Property to talk about the details of this modern neighbourhood, or like what Turkish citizens call it (Istanbul New Face). 

Location and Creation: 

Beylikdüzü lies between the Metrobus line and the Marmara Sea where the borders form. 

Beylikdüzü is special for its wavey nature; it is a plain area that mixes with some hills that face the Marmara Sea which gives it magical views. It centers on many residential and tourist places including the Marmara Sea from the east and the Avcilar area, which is a tourist and residential area. From the west, there is the Kucukcekmece area with its beautiful views and old Ottoman bridges, which are the main destination for all tourists. From the north, there is Esenyurt, which is a residential area. The Metrobus line is the only thing that separates Esenyurt from Beylikdüzü. As for the west, there is the Buyukcekmece area with its beautiful places. 

The history of this area is very old, and the Gurbinar district was the first inhabited area in the Beylikdüzü neighbourhood. In the past, it was famous for houses and spacious villas due to its charming nature and picturesque views of the Marmara Sea. Later, after the 1999 earthquake, it became the first destination for the Turks after the state built the best residential complexes in it according to standard standards. Albumin Resistance. Therefore, it became one of the most important inhabited areas and witnessed rapid expansion and development. 

Beylikduzu Districts: 

  • barış Mahallesi 
  • Cumhuriyet Mahallesi 
  • Gürpınar Mahallesi 
  • marmara Mahallesi 
  • yakuplu Mahallesi 
  • Adnan Kahveci Mahallesi 
  • Büyük Şehir Mahallesi 
  • Dereağzı Mahallesi 
  • Kavaklı Mahallesi 
  • Sahil Mahallesi. 

Transportation Network in Beylikdüzü and the Layout of its Areas: 

As we mentioned earlier, the Beylikdüzü area extends linearly on the Metrobus line, which is the fastest line in Istanbul that covers most of Istanbul’s neighbourhoods and reaches the Asian side, and the Metrobus stations located in that region are six stations starting from east to west: Haramidere, Gözelyurt, Beylikdüzü, Beledeye, Hadimkoy, and Beylikduzu Sun Durak. 

In addition, there are buses for internal transport that connect it to the surrounding areas very comfortably. Moreover, maritime transport has its role in the region from the port of Marmara to the regions of Avcilar and Eminonu. It is noteworthy that the 2023 plan includes a metro network access to Beylikduzu, and the line will start from Safakoy and reach Beylikduzu. As for the detailed location details of Beylikduzu, it is 36 km from Fatih, 43 km from Taksim, 54 km from Istanbul National Airport, 41 km from Sisli, and 44 km from Levent. 

Note: These distances in comparison to one of the largest cities in the world is very natural, and the transportation lines established by the government, especially the Metrobus line, have made access to these areas easy and accessible. 

The most Important Healthcare Facilities in Beylikdüzü: 

Beylikdüzü is a distinguished service area with a huge number of medical and treatment facilities. Visitors who come to Istanbul know that this area is famous for medical tourism as it has 4 of the most luxurious and most luxurious hospitals in the world, such as Medicana Hospital and Media life, and it has one of the largest centers for cancer hospitalization. As for Beylikdüzü State Hospital which is known for its modernity and the value of health services it provides to local and foreign residents of the region. It is one of the most distinguished government hospitals in Turkey, and medical centers for oral health and dental care are spread and reach 13 centers in addition to dozens of medical clinics, and four state clinics all over its neighbourhoods. 

Schools and Universities: 

The most important reason for Beylikdüzü a destination for whoever dreams of living a quiet and happy life is the developed educational level as it is has a lot of universities, such as Fatih University, Akyanus University, Beykent University, and more. There are also lots of states, private, Arab, and international schools in Beylikdüzü. 

As for the Arab schools in the areas, they are: 

Al Ummah Academy School, Beylikdüzü Branch. 

Baghdad School. 

Yemeni International School. 

Al Mustaqbal School. 

King Idris Al Sanusi School. 

Tulip School. 

Alfanar Palestinian School. 

Shopping Malls and Entertainment: 

There are many shopping malls that sell all the international trademarks in this area. There are also lots of coffee shops and restaurants, such as: 

Migros Mall: It lies on the Metrobus line. 

Marmara Park shopping mall, which is a three-floor mall that includes all the international trademarks and restaurants. This mall lies in front of Migros market. 

Bellavista Mall: It lies in the Beykent area. 

Carrefour: It Lies in the Marina. 

As for parks, beaches, and entertainment places in Beylikdüzü, there are many places in this area. The sea is considered a resort for the people of the city, and the largest marina in Istanbul has recently been established. There are dozens of restaurants and sea cafes in that marina. We do not talk about the distinctive areas in Beylikdüzü without mentioning the distinctive green valley in Istanbul, (Valley of Life), or the Green Valley, which is a project that attracts the interest of the Istanbul municipality with an area of one million square meters, which is a group of interconnected gardens containing two lakes, waterfalls, more than 6000 types of flowers and 1200 fruit trees. 

There are many other parks and tourist places in Beylikdüzü, such as: 

Sultan Sulayman Palace on the Marmara Sea. 

Büyükçekmece Kulesi between Beylikdüzü and Büyükçekmece. 

Büyükçekmece bridge right behind Tuyap Gallery. 

Tepcik Camlik in gurpinar. 

Finally, we must mention the most special investment place in Istanbul, Tuyap Gallery that was founded in 1979, and it has been hosting activities and events since 1996 including commercial, books, and car galleries. 

The Importance of Real Estate Investment in Beylikdüzü and its Nature: 

This area was on the list of the best places to buy real estate all over Istanbul for many reasons, such as: 

The commercial and investment location: Having many neighbourhoods in Beylikdüzü and their spread on the Metrobus and the (E5) highway added a commercial character. Any real estate with such a feature is a distinctive one because it is a destination for whoever wants to open a company or an office. 

Residential nature: Beylikdüzü, with its luxurious complexes, provides an atmosphere of calm and tranquillity away from the hustle and bustle of the city. Many projects have open views of the Marmara Sea with large areas that cannot be found in the center of Istanbul, as it is distinguished by its many services and facilities from schools, universities, medical centers, parks, and recreational facilities. 

The metro line and the promising future: The Turkish government has approved its intention to prepare for the construction of a metro line in Beylikdüzü, and this line will extend from the Safakoy area to the Tuyap Gallery. Five stations will be established for that metro in the Beylikdüzü area, and as soon as the construction of that line starts, real estate prices in these areas will rise. Therefore, we find a lot of investors targeting that area. 

An important industrial center: Besides what we have already talked about, we have to mention that the Beylikdüzü area is a very important industrial area too. There is the largest commercial container port and two huge industrial cities that provide thousands of job opportunities. 

The special residential nature: The educated in that area is the common kind of people. The reason is that anyone who lives in that area looks for tranquillity, comfort, and a better educational future for his kids. 

A touristic Destination: Investing in the touristic rental of apartments in Beylikdüzü is one of the best things to do there because that area is a quiet area and it is so far from the hustle and bustle of the city. One final reason is that Beylikdüzü lies on the Marmara Sea.