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E5 and E80 Highways

 E5 and E80 Highways: 

Istanbul is one of the world’s biggest cities, it is also the first investment destination in the middle east according to recent economic studies. investors from all over the world have been wanting to invest in real estate in Istanbul due to its special location that lies between two continents: Asia and Europe. Plus, many huge real estate projects have been built in this city. It is referred that investment has not been a coincidence, but it was a result of the hard work that the Turkish government has done during the last twenty years; it constructed highways, main roads, and connected the whole city with each other by roads that are the largest and most modern in Europe. 

We cannot talk about the highways in Istanbul in just one essay, but Panorama Property will take you on a quick tour to get to know some of them, and we will talk about the E5 and the E6 highways. 

TEM Highway: Future center and Europe’s Main Nerve: 

– The word (TEM) or as it is called in Turkey (E80) stands for Transportation European Motorway). Means the European highway. It is considered to be the most important highway in all of Europe as it starts from Lisbon crossing into ten countries including Turkey and ending in the Iranian-Turkish borders. 

– This highway was constructed in 1977 with logistic support from the European Union and it is 6102 km long. 

– TEM is a main road for Istanbul and it connects many neighborhoods such as: (Saryer, Besiktas, Kağıthane, Eyup Sultan, Sultan Gazi, Gazi Osman Pasha, Bağcılar, Kücükçekmece, Başakşehir, Avciler, Esenyurt, Büyükçekmece, Silivri, and Catalca). these neighborhoods are connected with the TEM highway through minor roads. 

Investment Importance of the TEM (E80) Highway: 

1. TEM road is connected with the two most important financial and investment areas in Istanbul which are: The Basin Express and Saryer. 

2. TEM will be the main road of the modern Istanbul City that will be built on the sides of the Istanbul Canal, that will be constructed in the upcoming years, the TEM will cross it. 

3. Investment Future: Governmental construction companies have constructed many areas on the TEM road such as Bahçeşehir neighborhood. This area has become a top priority as all the services you need are provided, so we can say that any investment in that area is absolutely successful and secure. 

We cannot talk about such services without mentioning the (Metrobus) line. 

Facts to know about the Metrobus line (E5): 

– The Metrobus line was officially opened in 2007, the last construction stage has finished in 2012. 

– The Metrobus line was constructed to ease moving around and to make most of the areas in Istanbul much more accessible in one of the world’s biggest cities. The road itself was widened and all the kinds of transportations go through that line; bus, minibus, subway, tram, cars and the Metrobus. It is important to mention that the Metrobus is sometimes faster than cars themselves, especially in the evening. 

– This highway consists of two opposite lines with a length of 52 km and 45 Metrobus stations going from the Asian to the European side of Istanbul. 

– The Metrobus line was internationally awarded as the most special environment-friendly roads as it reduces gas emissions. 

– The Metrobus line starts from Büyükçekmece area and ends in Söğütlüçeşme station in the Asian side of Istanbul. It is referred that the Metrobus is the fastest and the cheapest transportation that can take you from the Asian to the European side. 

– The metrobus line connects many neighborhoods with each other, such as: Beylikdüzü, Avciler, Kücükçekmece, Bakirkoy, Zeytinburno, Fatih, and Şişli. It also goes through 15 Temmuz Sehitler Bridge and it is planned that the Metrobus line be widened to reach Silvri are. 

What did the Metrobus line add to the real estate rebirth in Istanbul? 

1. One of the most important factors of the real estate development in Istanbul is the Metrobus for sure. Since it was founded, the real estate prices have increased, and the prices of the apartment and shops that lie near the E5 road increased to double. The price of any real estate in Istanbul became related to whether or not it is close to the Metrobus line. 

2. the location of any apartment, that is: whether or not it is close to the metrobus, became a standard of any rental price or return of any apartment in Istanbul. Therefore, the rental return has increased in this area, especially when it is the best option for all kinds of people as it covers wide areas and makes it easy to move around the city. 

3. Every real estate that is close to the Metrobus line is residential and investment real estate because of the good investment return either in case of reselling or rent. 

We, in Panorama Property, hope this information to be useful, and we are so proud to be your first choice for a secured and guaranteed investment in Turkey. We are also proud to be the only company that provides you with all these services for the best price and quality.