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 Istanbul New Airport

 Istanbul New Airport

Plan (2023), is a new phrase that is continuously repeated by the current Turkish Government, which refers to a big group of projects and huge economical reparations… 

Turkey aims to be among the strongest economy for 2023 throughout these huge economical projects. 

Today, Panorama Property will take you for a tour around one of these projects, which is Istanbul New Airport … To get a closer look, let’s go on a tour in Panorama Property. 

What do you know about The Largest Airport in Europe? 

There are serval names for the new airport: Istanbul Third Airport, Istanbul New Airport, IST which is short for Istanbul Havalimani. 

It is located on the European side of Istanbul on the Black Sea in the Ortakoy, northwest of Istanbul. 

President Recep Tayyip Erdogan participated in the opening of Istanbul’s third airport on November 29, 2018 AD, and it became the main airport of Istanbul on April 8, 2019, after Ataturk Airport was completely closed to international flights and transferred to the new Istanbul airport. 

This airport, can accommodate 500 aircraft, has a complete reparation department, and will provide 360 aviation destinations worldwide. 

 Istanbul New Airport, when fully operational in 2028 AD, will be the largest airport in the world in terms of its capacity for passengers and the number of airfields and runways. 

The Istanbul Third Airport project cost 23 billion and 399 million euros. 

The project was built on a huge area of 7,659 hectares in the middle of state-owned forests, and the new Istanbul Airport includes seven main entrances, 229 checkpoints, and 77 runways. 

According to the Turkish Minister of Transportation, the third airport has provided 80,000 job opportunities and will reach 120,000 jobs when the airport opens at full capacity in 2028. 

Istanbul’s new airport includes 33 thousand square meters of space for cafes and restaurants, and the airport has provided capsules that are used for sleeping and resting. 

Istanbul’s third airport was awarded the (Global Traveler Leisure Lifestyle Award) for its innovative and distinctive structure. 

Istanbul’s new airport can accommodate 90 million passengers annually, with a capacity of 200 million passengers when operating at full capacity. 

Statistics indicate that Istanbul’s third airport will contribute 4.9 percent of the general budget of The Turkish State with estimated profits of $ 79 billion, especially that this airport will be the first transit line in the world due to its mediation by three continents (Asia, Europe, and Africa).

The transportation that is currently available for the airport is public transport buses and airport buses (Havist) that cover all neighbourhoods of Istanbul. In addition to the express vehicle highway that the country has built, which makes it an easy way to the airport.

Gert Tape Station_ The New Airport: 

The Turkish government aims to make Istanbul the largest tunnel network in the world, with 190 km of tunnels and 1100 km of metro networks and lines, and the Getertepe line _ Istanbul New Airport will be one of those lines, as it is characterized as the latest and fastest metro lines in Istanbul with a speed limit that will reach 120 km per hour, and the length of this line will be 37.5 km starts from (Getertepe, Besiktas, Şişli, Kağıthane, Ayoub, Ortakoy) 

It is important to mention that the metro cars were completely locally manufactured (Turkish industry). It is also expected that the end of construction work will end in August 2021, the metro line connecting to Istanbul’s third airport will serve about 600,000 people, will reduce congestion in the heart of the city, and facilitate the issue of reaching Istanbul’s new airport with standard speed for only 35 minutes. 

Panorama Property Tips: 

Ortakoy and Başakşehir are considered to be following neighbourhoods for Kiyasihir and Bahçeşehir which is the closest areas to the new airport. These areas will be a successful Future investment because it is the closest to the largest airport in the world. And of course, you can only imagine the value of such investment throughout the current time and the Future when the airport fully functions. 

 Istanbul New Airport, in the future, will be accommodating 200 million travellers annually, which means that we need to start thinking more about the enormous needs for flats and apartments that will be enough for those people. And that’s why Panorama Property is advising its customers to invest in the surrounded areas of the New Istanbul Airport, and surely consider it to be a safe and successful investment. 

Panorama Property works to be the judge’s eye in your Investment way. We provide you with the evolution of the Turkish Economy, along with our consultation free services for whoever wants to find out more about investment and legal matters in Turkey through our specialist consultants, who are available 24/7.