Başakport Başakşehir Başakşehir, Istanbul

Prices starts from TRY 1,770,000
Under construction

The space

  • Construction Company: 24 GAYRİ MENKUL
  • Delivery Date: 6 / 2024


The Başakport project is a residential investment project located in the famous Başakşehir district in the European section of Istanbul. The area is one of the most beautiful and prestigious areas of Istanbul. It extends over a wide area and is known to be the new Istanbul’s city center. It has many centers such as Mall of Istanbul, the largest shopping center in Istanbul and the largest medical hospital and Sakura is the largest medical city in Europe, the water park that has the largest artificial lake in addition to universities, public and private schools, mosques, and cultural centers. The municipality is working on the construction of a third metro line that connects the new Başakşehir center to the medical city and the metro to Bagcilar. Thus, moving from the city center to Başakşehir in all its neighborhoods will be easy by subway.

Project specification:

  • The Başakport project has a total surface of 10.077 square meters, it has 3 blocs and from 6 to 9 floors.
  • The Başakport project has 86 apartments in total, 26 commercial areas
  • Apartment types are as follow: 1+1 / 2+1 / 3+1 / 4+1

Project Features:

The Başakport project has a direct view on a valley, which gives the residents a peaceful environment and a beautiful view, also the proximity to a metro station makes The Başakport project more accessible and easier to reach any part in Istanbul.

The Başakport project is divided into two parts:

  • The first section consists of two blocs, each of them consisting of 9 floors, with a total of 56 apartments. Where we can find 17 shops under those 2 blocs. The first bloc has 5+1 apartments, while the second has 1+1 and 4+1 apartments.
  • The second section is a single bloc consisting of 6 floors, with only 30 apartments, 1+1 and 2+1 apartments, where 9 shops are under the building.

The project has a closed swimming pool, gym, Turkish bath, sauna, and steam room, in addition to a basketball court, car parking, and security 7/24.

General Services Surrounding the Project:

The Başakport project is only 750 meters from the metro station, there are many shopping malls, shops, and restaurants in the area, in addition to bank branches. The government hospital is located behind the project at not more than 1 km. The project also overlooks the Water Valley, which extends over 550,000 square meters and represents one of the largest green spaces in the area.

Distance from the Project to the main Areas in Istanbul:

  • 28 km to Istanbul Airport
  • 7 km to Istanbul Canal
  • 1 km to Başakşehir Municipality
  • 28 km to city center
  • 750 meters to metro station
  • 7 km to Olympiad Stadium
  • 2 km to Başakşehir Stadium
  • Water Valley
  • Water Garden


Updated List Price (13 / 02 / 2022)

Başakport 1 Projesi 

Type Min. Surface (m2) Max. Surface (m2) Min. Price Max. Price
3+1 167.86 173.50 TRY 5,120,000 TRY 6,720,000
4+1 216.04 225.10 TRY 6,590,000 TRY 7,540,000
5+1 308.31 308.31 TRY 8,960,000 TRY 10,800,000
Change Currency:

Başakport 2 Projesi 

Type Min. Surface (m2) Max. Surface (m2) Min. Price Max. Price
1+1 61.17 60.16 TRY 1,770,000 TRY 2,050,000
2+1 103.52 103.52 TRY 3,180,000 TRY 3,330,000


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