Bizim Evleri 10 Avcılar, Istanbul

Prices starts from TRY 5,006,500
Under construction

The space

  • Construction Company: İHLAS YAPI
  • Location: Avcilar Ispartakule


Bizim Evleri 10 project is an excellent residential investment project, overlooking the Istanbul Canal, which will be the commercial crossing between Asia and Europe. The distinctive investment due to its location near the city center and its view of the Istanbul Canal and its proximity to the international road E80. The project also overlooks the railway through which the Edirne-Istanbul commercial train passes, which connects Turkey and Europe. Real estate prices in the area

Project specifications:

Bizim Evleri 10 Project has a total surface of 52.000 square meters, whereas 70% of it are only for green areas.

Bizim Evleri 10 has 6 blocs in total, and the number of floors are from 13 to 19.

Bizim Evleri 10 has 558 apartments in total, and 20 commercial areas.

Apartments types are as following: 2+1 / 3+1 and 4+1

Project features:

Bizim Evleri 10 is characterized by wide green spaces, which constitute about 70% of the project area, in addition to its view of Istanbul’s court, its proximity to the E80 international road and the metro station, which will be opened very soon. 24/7 security, and there are also 3 elevators in each building.

General services surrounding the project:

Bizim Evleri 10 is surrounded by many universities and public and private schools such as Al-Manar International Schools, in addition to the presence of mosques, parks, entertainment and shopping malls. As for transportation, they are available from Bahcesehir and to all areas of Istanbul via buses and minibuses. A metro station is also being constructed that will connect the area to Mahmt Bey, that will connect Bizim Evleri 10 to all places in Istanbul. 

Distance from Bizim Evleri 10 to the Main Places in Istanbul:

  • 41 km to Istanbul Airport
  • 100 meters to Istanbul Canal
  • 33 km to City Center
  • 100 meters to metro station
  • 650 meters to E80
  • 1 km to Golet Forrest
  • 9 km to Akbati Mall

Prices List:

Type Min. Surface (m2) Max. Surface (m2) Min. Price Max. Price
2+1 133 TRY 5,006,500
3+1 144 191 TRY 4,775,650 TRY 6,526,500
4+1 219 229 TRY 6,973,000 TRY 8,706,750
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