Marmara Evleri 4 Beylikdüzü, Istanbul

Prices starts from TRY 1,300,000
Property type: Residential

The space

  • Location: Beylikdüzü
  • Construction Company: Ihlas Yapi

 Beylikdüzü, the well-reputed neighborhood that has been the investors’ first and favorite destination for many reasons, the most important of which are its beautiful projects and its infrastructure, which was designed according to the European standers. Beylikdüzü is 360 square kilometers. It lies between the Marmara Sea and the (E5) main road. It is known that this area has lots of projects including the one we have chosen for you today: the Marmara Evleri 4 Project. 

About the Construction Company

Not all the construction companies alike in Turkey. There are good companies and there are bad ones. Think a thousand times before you decide to buy anything in Turkey. Search the company you are going to deal with, make sure it has a very good reputation. Therefore, we tend to choose one of the best companies in this business: Ihlas Yapi. Those who visited Isparta Kule, and Beylikdüzü, found many projects for this company, not to mention that it built a lot of schools which are known as (Ihlas). 

About  Marmara Evleri 4 Beylikdüzü 

Marmara Evleri 4 project is suitable for families as it lies in the most civilized areas in Beylikdüzü, which is Kavakli. This project is surrounded by lots of other projects and state and private schools. It is also close to lots of health centers. The rooms in this Marmara Evleri are large and the area itself is very quiet so it became a wonderful residential project. 

The project consists of nine 12 floor-buildings with 640 residential apartments along with 40 stores. Being a residential project, apartment options start from 2+1 to 4+1 with spaces from 126 to 204 square meters. These numbers are so large compared to the ones in Istanbul in general. 

The project has special views on the Marmara Sea, and the green and aquatic spaces are very large too. 

This project was built according to the best standards and it was also designed to resist earthquakes. There is the smart home system in the project too, so you don’t need to worry about anything while you are out enjoying your vacation as you can control your home using your phone. 

When you buy an apartment in this project, the price will include many things you need, such as: a kitchen hood, electric cooker, electric oven, and a dishwasher. 

Facilities Available

– A beautiful swimming pool. 

– Inside the project, there are many football and basketball playgrounds. Plus, a considerable number of parks for you to feel more comfortable. 

– Sauna rooms, Turkish Baths, two gyms; one for men and another for women. There is a closed swimming pool in the project too. 

– 24/7 security service so you feel safe. 

Location Marmara Evleri 4 Details

– 2.5 km away from the Metrobus station. 

– 2 km away from the Marmara Sea and the Marina. 

– This project is close to the most important shopping malls in the area; such as Marmara Park and Migros market. It is 4 km away, which is considered to be close if we look at the transportation system in Istanbul. 

– Surrounded by a large number of state and private hospitals. The nearest hospital is only 1 km away from the project. 

– Many state and government schools are really close to this project including the international Arabic schools. Not to mention the universities close to it too. Beykent University is only 8 km away from it and the nearest school is only 500 meters away. 

Project’s Weakness Points

As we always make sure to mention that there is no complete project regardless its price, we found it important to mention the weakness point of this project, which is not having an open swimming pool. 

Notes and investment advice related to Marmara Evleri 4 Project 

1. This project is residential, and it is a main destination for those who want to live a quiet family life in the middle of a very civilized community, especially, the elite of the Istanbul community are the ones who live there. 

2. It is inevitable that the prices of real estate in that area will go up after the metro station near it finishes. The Turkish government said that they were going to build a metro station in 2023. It is important to mention that the real estate in places with new metro stations close to them had increased so it is certain that it will happen the same with this project. With that being said, this looks like a successful investment. 

Prices table:

Type Smallest Space (m2) Largest Space (m2) Min. Price Max. Price
2+1 Open Kitchen 126 147 TRY 1,300,000 TRY 1,888,000
3+1 163 176 TRY 1,490,000 TRY 2,596,000
4+1 202 204 TRY 1,850,000 TRY 3,145,000
تجاري 249 453 TRY 2,250,000 TRY 5,181,000
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The company provides an installment plan of up to 24 months.

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