Residence Inn Deluxia Bahçeşehir, Istanbul

Prices starts from TRY 990,000
Under construction
Property type: Investment

The space

  • Construction Company: Teknik Yapı
  • Location: Bahçeşehir

 About Bahçeşehir: 

Bahçeşehir is a neighborhood in Başakşehir area. It is one of the special places in Istanbul. Bahçeşehir means (The City of Gardens). It is also characterized by its modern architecture plans. It is the one place to live in for businessmen and investors’ families. Bahçeşehir area attracts the real estate investors day after day to become one of the best-targeted areas to invest in. The real estate prices are also expected to rise when the metro line construction is finished. 

About Residence Inn Deluxia Project : 

This project contains hotel apartments in the Bahçeşehir neighborhood. The area itself is special for gardens and green zones. It is also famous for its modern architecture renewal it witnesses, especially after opening the Istanbul International Airport near it, which made this area a destination for investors. 

Residence Inn Deluxia Project consist of a fifteen-floor building with 170 apartments with panoramic views on the beautiful Gölet Park (Bahçeşehir Park) and on a lot of green zones. Due to the lack of hotels in that area, this project is a destination for investors as it provides a lot of facilities including: 

Facilities Available: 

  1. Closed swimming pool. 
  2. 24/7 Security. 
  3. Green Zones. 
  4. Playgrounds. 
  5. Sauna and Turkish Bath. 
  6. Gym. 
  7. Meeting room. 
  8. Open Swimming pool. 
  9. Guest lounge. 

Location Details: 

  • 23 km away from Istanbul International Airport. 
  • 37 km away from Taksim Square and the city center. 

Prices table:

Type Smallest Space (m2) Largest Space (m2) Min. Price Max. Price
1+1 54.04 135.76 TRY 900,000 TRY 1,700,000
2+1 111.85 177.87 TRY 1,850,000 TRY 2,400,000
3+1 167.47 TRY 2,540,000
4+1 467.42 TRY 8,925,000
Change Currency:

50% prepayment and the rest in installments within 12 months.

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