Self Istanbul Esenyurt, Istanbul

Prices starts from TRY 292,506,980
Under construction
Property type: Investment

The space

  • Location: Esenyurt
  • Construction Company: Karden Inşaat
  • Underconstruction, Finish on: 01/06/2022

Self Istanbul project in Esenyurt is one of the biggest Neighborhoods in Istanbul as it is 2770 square kilometers. It includes organized areas and ones that are not. The special thing about Esenyurt is that it lies between the most two important main roads in Istanbul which are: (E5 and E80). Esenyurt area is special with its low prices compared to others. The municipality in this area is working on improving it and making it better and well-serviced, especially after it had become a destination to a lot of people. 

About Karden Inşaat: 

This company was founded in 2002 and it became iconic in the construction sector ever since. İt is also famous for its successful projects. Karden Inşaat has concentrated on the industrial facilities, shopping malls, hospitals, school construction. İt also has many projects, one of which is the Symbol Project in Esenyurt. 

About Self Istanbul Project : 

self Istanbul project lies near the (E5) main road, which made it one of the special projects. Another feature is that it also lies between the most two important main roads mentioned before. It is constructed on 26000 square meter-piece of land, %85 of which is green zones. There are 4 buildings with different numbers of floors and patterns in this project. 

Moreover, what makes the self Istanbul project so special is the children’s facilities. İt is called (The Child’s Friend). There 1000 square meter-space for kids. There is also a shopping mall with 60 stores right below the project, so you will not need to go anywhere outside the project. 

Facilities Available: 

  • Basketball and a football playground. 
  • Open swimming pool. 
  • Turkish Bath. 
  • Sauna and steam rooms. 
  • Children zones. 
  • Gym. 
  • A nearby school. 
  • 24/7 Security. 
  • A private park for the project. 
  • Coffee shops and restaurants. 

Location self Istanbul project Details: 

  • 50.7 km away from Istanbul International Airport. 
  • 33.3 km away from the city center. 
  • 1 km away from the Metrobus station. 

Updated Prices table  ( 22 / 05 /2022 ):

Type Min. Surface (m2) Max. Surface (m2) Min. Price Max. Price
1+1 67 93 185.131 USD 204.615 USD
2+1 102 189 287.436 USD 362.463 USD
3+1 155 273 331.284 USD 414.105 USD
4+1 216 290 409.231 USD 535.895 USD
Pent House 363 756.394 USD 801.610 USD

Significant return from rental, installment plans available. The property is suitable for the Turkish citizenship program.

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