Tual Bahçekent Başakşehir, Istanbul

Prices starts from TRY 1,370,000
Property type: Residential

The space

  • Construction Company: Emlak Konut
  • Delivery Date: Ready to Move in

Location: Bahçeşehir, European Side of Istanbul. 

Project Type: Residential. 


Tual Bahçekentt Project , which meant (the city of gardens) and it is a very central place in Başakşehir. It was called so because there are a lot of green areas and gardens in that area, the government paid a lot of attention to this area, that is why we notice that many projects are constructed or being constructed in this area. We also find that most of the projects built there were done by (Emlak Konut), which is a governmental Turkish construction company, including this one. 

– The project is residential, and it is considered to be an integrated city and community as it has all the facilities a family can need, such as a working elementary and a middle school, a private university, a private hospital, and a shopping mall that will be open at the beginning of next year. 

– Inside the project, there is a mosque that has been opened recently. 

Tual Bahçekent Project is surrounded by green zones and it has a very beautiful view of Hayat Park Bahçeşehir (life park) which is 160000 square meters and to be one of the most beautiful places that attract tourists in the future. 

– Bahçekent is one of the close places to the Istanbul International Airport and it is only 23 away from it, it is also only 2 km away from where Istanbul Canal will be constructed. Plus, it is 2 km away from the metro station, which will make moving around and out so easy, and this location made everything accessible. 

– There are many healthcare centers on the premises of this project, the most important of which is the Medical City of Başakşehir. 

– The project is very close to the E80 highway, which will make it easy to move from the project to the rest of the Istanbul area. 

– The project is close to Akpati shopping mall, Mall of Istanbul, and many other shopping malls and centers. 

About Bahçekent: 

It is a huge project that we can call a small city because it is a complete place. With all these facilities, buildings, shopping malls, parks, international schools, private hospitals, coffee shops, and restaurants, we can call a small integrated city. 

Tual Bahçekent Project consists of 5 parts with 1739 apartments and 186 stores and offices. It has 20 buildings with different numbers of floors and the highest can reach 28 floors. The available options are 1+1, 2+1, 3+1, and 4+1 apartments. Plus, the project is ready to move, and according to Panorama Property, this project has a high quality of finishing. 

Facilities Available: 

  • Parks and Children’s playgrounds. 
  • Natural sights and fine architecture. 
  • Parking lots. High-quality elevators in all the buildings. 
  • Thermal Insolation system. 
  • Backup electricity generators with high performance. 
  • Central heating system. 
  • CCV camera system in all the projects. 
  • Firefighting system in the whole project. 
  • Indoor swimming pool. 
  • More parking lots and a garage. 
  • Artificial lakes. 
  • Social activities. 
  • Sports playgrounds. 
  • Special places for skating. 
  • Entertainment zones. 
  • A mosque. 
  • Football and basketball playgrounds. 
  • Tennis courts. 
  • Table tennis room. 
  • Steam rooms, sauna rooms, Turkish baths. 
  • Gyms and sports salons. 
  • Tracks for walking and jogging. 
  • 24\7 security systems. 

Tips from Panorama Property: 

  1. Tual Bahçekent Project is in a very civilized and modern area in the European side of Istanbul and it is very suitable for people who are looking for comfort, tranquility, and unique views. It has also a school, university, and a hospital. 
  2. The construction company that built the project is the governmental Emlak Konut company so it is guaranteed by the government and it assures the owner of the punctuality of delivery and the quality of finishing. 
  3. Bahçeşehir area is one of the places that are in the Turkish governments top priority in terms of facilities and transportation systems, so we find a lot of projects lie and constructed right in that area, 
  4. The company itself has a very good future, especially being close to the Canal Istanbul that will be constructed, the Başakşehir Medical City, and the Istanbul International Airport, which is one of the world’s largest airports. 

Prices table:

Type Smallest Space (m2) Largest Space (m2) Min. Price Max. Price
2+1 100.39 140.06 TRY 1,370,000 TRY 1,502,000
3+1 120.74 168.77 TRY 1,650,000 TRY 1,865,000
4+1 142.63 195.85 TRY 1,870,000 TRY 2,052,000
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Installments plan: 50% down payment and the rest in 30 months.

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