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Turkish Citizenship By Investment

turkish citizenship by investment

“Turkish citizenship by investment”, a sentence that we have been hearing a lot lately. No one can deny the development Turkey witness these days. It became one of the biggest industrious countries in the world. Turkish industry is competing with the Chinese. Turkey is living a revolutionary renaissance in the medical, industrial, educational and the military industries fields. Moreover, Turkey is one of the world’s
natural resorts and resources. One can choose to live either in the city or in the heart of nature, all what you need to do is visit and enjoy!

Why Turkish Citizenship is so Important?

Turkey provides its citizens many things. It is a great thing to be a Turkish citizen. Education and health are free in Turkey. Speaking of health, Turkey has opened the biggest medical city in Europe,which is characterized by its exceptional Health Care, Immense Medical Experience, Highly Advanced Technology and Unique Operation Model. The (Başakşehir Çam & Sakura City Hospital) includes a
2,354-bed Main Hospital, a 200-bed Physical Therapy, Rehabilitation Hospital and a 128-bed Psychiatric Hospital. The main hospital facility consists of six buildings surrounding a shared core building and includes the following hospitals:

  • Children’s Hospital
  • Physical Therapy and Rehabilitation Hospital
  • General Hospital
  • Gynecology and Maternity Hospital
  • Cardiovascular Diseases Hospital
  • Oncology Hospital
  • Orthopedics and Neurology Hospital
  • Psychiatric Hospital.

Turkey’s Rebirth:

Turkey has the Largest airport in all Europe: the new Istanbul International Airport. There are serval names for the new airport: Istanbul Third Airport, Istanbul New Airport, IST which is a short for Istanbul Havalimani. The Turkish president, (Recep Tayyip Erdogan) participated in the opening of Istanbul’s third airport on November 29, 2018 AD, and it became the main airport of Istanbul on April 8, 2019, after Ataturk Airport was completely closed to international flights and transferred to the new Istanbul airport.
This airport can accommodate 500 aircraft, it has a complete reparation department, and will provide 360 aviation destinations worldwide. The new airport, when fully operational in 2028 AD, will be the largest airport in the world in terms of its capacity for passengers and the number of airfields and runways.

Turkish Citizenship: Benefits and Advantages

how to get turkish citizenship by investment

We cannot stop talking about the advantages and the benefits of being a Turkish citizen. It opens new doors for new opportunities; Turkey is considered one of the nations that support creativity. Also, being able to live in a civilized place full of nature is a necessity. As a Turkish citizen, you make sure that your kids will grow appropriately. With all the projects that spread all over the country, you can live a
wonderful peaceful life with all facilities and services available such as: markets, hospitals and health care centers, schools and universities swimming pools and gyms. The better things are yet to come if you continue reading. Acquiring the Turkish Citizenship can vet you more benefits like:

* Simple Process : The entire document checklist is no longer than one page, while the entire process can be done remotely by appointing a firm to act on your behalf. Another important point is that the investment is extremely safe, and if you choose to invest in real estate you have a tangible asset that is naturally risk-averse.
* Can Be Passed Down to Future Generations: Most investors pursue citizenship by investment not for themselves, but for the sake of their future generations. Turkey’s CIP excels in this regard, as per the naturalization law and Citizenship Act, future generations can actually inherent Turkish citizenship.
Investing in Turkish citizenship is a venture that will benefit you and all your future generations perpetually.
* Education in Turkey has long been a major draw for migrants from all over the world. Turkey boasts an abundance of Universities that excel in various fields of study. Medicine, architecture, engineering,ICT, and business majors are just some of the excellent options that are going to be available to future generations in Turkey.
Universities, such as Aydın University, Istanbul Technical University, Istanbul University, and Koç
University are some of the best in the country, with the latter excelling in producing some of the world’s best professors and medical staff.

The Turkish Passport and its Privileges:

obtaining turkish citizenship

Travelling the globe has become a hassle due to the complications of visa requirements, a problem that a Turkish passport can help resolve. Turkey’s passport holders can visa-free travel to 111 destinations worldwide, including major global commerce hubs such as Hong Kong, Japan, Singapore, Qatar, and many more. Plus, Turkey’s relationship with the EU can be described in many ways, but everyone agrees
that the present developments and growing trade have made the relationship stronger than ever. Turkish citizens can apply for long-term Schengen visas, and they have beneficial routes of immigration in certain countries. Being a Turkish passport holder brings you more benefits than you might actually think!

Ways to Acquire the Turkish Citizenship:

After buying a property, the only question that comes to our mind is ‘how to get the Turkish Citizenship?” The Turkish government introduced its popular CIP in 2017 and then went to reduce the minimum investment required to obtain citizenship in 2018. The minimum threshold for the real estate option, which is the most popular one amongst global investors, was slashed from 1 million USD to
250,000 USD. In fact, the reasonable new price wasn’t the only draw of the program, as the quick timeline and simplicity go a long way in making it a popular choice among many investors. The premise of the Turkish CIP is based on efficiency and simplicity, all you need to do is:

  • Make a qualified investment.
  • Apply for permanent residence.
  • Apply for citizenship.

Acquiring Turkish Citizenship by Buying a Property:

turkish citizenship by property

The whole procedure takes from 3-6 months, requires minimal documentation. Investors who match the requirements are allowed to add their spouse and children below 18 to the application.
A critical part of citizenship by investment is assessing the nation as a plan B, or potential new home, and Turkey ticks all the boxes; it boasts a high living standard with an excellent healthcare infrastructure,bustling commerce landscape, affordable living cost, pleasant – and diverse – climate, great cuisine, high-speed internet, plenty of activities, and many other important factors you would consider before settling
down in another country.
The Turkey Citizenship-by-Investment Program was launched in January 2017 to attract foreign direct investment to and boost growth in the country’s real estate sector. The program allows applicants to choose from a number of different types of economic contributions to Turkish society, thereby developing the country’s economy. However, there are many major ways to Acquire the Turkish Citizenship by
investment. These include:

  • Obtaining the Turkish Citizenship by buying 250,000 USD worth of property/ies in Turkey.
  • Investing a minimum of USD 500,000 fixed capital contribution.
  • Opening your own company and hiring at least 50 Turkish Citizens.
  • The main applicant may include their spouse, dependent children below the age of 18, and children of any age who are living with disabilities in their application

After applicants have chosen the qualifying investment option, a residence permit application shall be made on the family’s behalf. The main applicant is then required to open a bank account in Turkey.
Once all application documents have been prepared (including applicable certifications and translations), the investment can be completed and the documents submitted to the government. Once the application has been received by the government, the review process will begin and an interview may be requested.
Applications are typically approved within 120 days, following which the citizenship documents are issued. The passport application can then be submitted.

Real estate investment in Turkey:

With all the progress Turkey is making nowadays in the architecture field, we can say for sure that real estate investment in Turkey, especially Istanbul, is the best way to grow your capital. There are a lot of factors that make real estate investment successful in Turkey:

  • Real estate investment is the safe resort for lots of investors, especially with the fluctuation of the Turkish Lira in front of the US Dollar. The solution was to buy a real estate with a continuously increasing real estate value, Panorama Property’s clients have taken advantage of the exchange rate, and we directed them to buy the suitable real estate.
  • The privileges that the Turkish Government granted to the foreign real estate investors made life so easy for them, because now, they can get a real estate residency permit and even obtain the Turkish citizenship if they match certain requirements. Such made the Turkish citizens and the foreign ones equal.

Why should I invest in real estate in Turkey?

Investment resourceful people know that real estate investment is the safest choice for those who want to increase their wealth because the real estate prices increase stably and it is impossible they go down.
Whoever looked at the real estate stock market in Turkey realizes that the prices increased despite COVID-19 Pandemic and they never sent down.
Turkey has a verity of geographic structures divided into 81 states, each one has its own geographic structure and details. Istanbul is the first and best destination in to invest in Turkey. Istanbul is the capital of the world (as Napoleon called it) and one of the most beautiful cities. How can’t it be when it centers two continents: Asia and Europe! With a central location on the Marmara Sea and the Black Sea,
Istanbul has one of the best locations in the world. It was also one of the most civilized cities in Turkey and the world as the infrastructure has been improved, bridges have been built, the largest hospital and airport have been built in Istanbul as well. As for the real estate sector, hundreds of modern projects have been built so it became the investor’s first destination in the middle east, even better than Dubai.
Therefore, real estate investment in the safest option investors can have for the following mail reasons:

  • Turkey is the destination of a lot of Arab investors who want to invest and live in Turkey at the same time. Besides, The Turkish Government has decided to build more neighborhoods with modern projects.
  • The high population in Istanbul made any real estate a target to rent in the city. Istanbul’s being an industrial city and a center of work and studying made it easy to find tenants.
  • Constructing large projects, transportation system development, having the largest hospital and one of the world’s largest
    airports also made Turkey a destination for investors. In short, buying a property is the best way to acquire the Turkish Citizenship by investment.


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